Home made tooth paste

Hey all 🙂 .. stumbled upon an awesome tip I got from my friend!It worked wonders for my teeth!

Here is a simple home made tooth paste free from Chemicals and additives. 


Honey :1/2 tsp

Salt: 1/4 spoon (You can reduce the quantity, if you dont like salty taste)

Pepper: a pinch

Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. Use this instead of your tooth paste 🙂 Works Wonders !!!

Try this simple home remedy and have a healthy smile 🙂


Simple home remedies to cure teeth problems

Here are a simple home remedies to fight teeth problems

1.Home made mouth wash


Sea salt crystals : 1 spoon

Turmeric :1/4 spoons

Cloves : 1/2 spoon

Water :1.5 glasses.


Mix all the ingredients and boil the water until it reduces to one cup. Let the mixture to cool down. swish this mouthwash  for 3 -4 times a day for 2 -3 minutes.

This helps to fight bacteria and prevent tooth decay. It’s persistent usage will also help in fighting bad breath.

2. Rubbing the teeth with banana peel(esp the fiber part) helps to whiten the teeth naturally.

Enjoy trying these tips and have a healthy smile 🙂